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November 20, 2009

“An honest look at grief, loss and recovery.”
-Michele Neff Hernandez
Executive Director
Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation

October 14, 2009
Jane Porter’s Blog

If you’ve read Easy On The Eyes, you’ve met Christie, the independent filmmaker who is a good friend of Tiana Tomlinson’s. Well, Christie is actually inspired by a real life friend of mine–Christine Fugate–who also happens to be an independent film maker in Laguna Beach. Read more…


October 9, 2009
Going Beyond Grieving, A Film Explores Living After Death
The Laguna Beach Independent

CPT.grieffilm-2.093009October 1, 2009
Moving Past Her Pain
The Coastline Pilot

June 20, 2009
From Writer and Assistant Professor of English Jo Scott Coe

“It’s a beauty–all of the subtlety you’ve laid out and intercut and connected to keep the viewer focused. Very powerful.”

June 17, 2009
From poet and renowned Flamenco Guitarist Felipe Alvarez:

“Your movie is by itself a poem, and a modern one at that. At several, subliminal levels, you transport the viewer through the powerful images of life slipping away, the light at the end of the tunnel, life after death, bringing back life again, as if it were the rebirth of the Phoenix from its own ashes many times over.

The high key photography, with its seamless crosscut sequences, going back and forth from reality to surrealism, makes for a mesmerizing trip through the subject’s fascinating and heartfelt story.

The powerful visual impressions complement and enhance the depth of the poetic ones. Early directors expressed themselves with poetic figures – Eisenstein, and Buñuel come to mind – but you reverse the process by using the cinematic tool to extract the poetry.

Beautifully done.”

June 15, 2009
My Executive Producer (and husband) Jeff Jacobs and I had a great time today being interviewed by Rob Merritt on Channel 6 News in Laguna Woods, CA

Christine and Jeff discuss the film

Christine and Jeff talk about the film

June 10, 2009
Just in from the amazing poet Gerald Locklin:

“Christine Fugate and her talented cinematic associates have produced an eminently professional and thoroughly sensuous encapsulation of Donna Hilbert’s acclaimed elegiac sequence. I knew and greatly admired Donna’s husband, Larry, and I believe the love, humor, and hope of this journey beyond disbelief and grieving would elicit from him the same response of smiling-through-tears as from audiences. The film’s achievement rises to the exalted level of Donna’s sensitively chosen words.”

June 8, 2009
Movie Updates

From our good friend, Cari Marshall on Holarubia:

“Donna has had a rich and at times tragic life, and it all comes through so beautifully in her poetry. Christine uses Donna’s poetry to tell her story, focusing on life, death and heaven. It is so beautiful, and after watching the project grow over the so many years, I am so happy for them that it is complete – and really wonderful!”

Donna updates
Check out these fabulous reviews of her work:
Donna Hilbert by David Caddy in Orange & Sardines pp. 85-88.
Same article listed here on David Caddy’s blog.

Poet Donna Hilbert, the subject of Grief Becomes Me: A Poet’s Journey, has written a new book, The Green Season, published by World Parade Books. Her new work has received the following press:

October 29, 2008
Coffee Break
Adelphia Cable

November 17, 2009
Tron in the Morning
KCMN-AM (Colorado Springs, CO)

November 19, 2009
WOCA-AM (Ocala, FL)

November 19, 2008
Amocalive: This is our interview with poet and author Donna Hilbert which focused on her newest book, “The Green Season.”

November 20, 2008
News Now
Voice of America

Saturday, December 6
“Being w/ Rosemary”
Seattle, WA

December 15, 2008
Good News Broadcast. Click here to view on You Tube

January 23, 2009
Women of the World
American Radio Network

Grief Becomes Me: A Poet’s Journey is based on the short, Grief Becomes Me, that screened in the following places:

March 24-26 2005
Kentucky Women’s Writers Conference 2005
(Rough Cut Screening)

July 14, 2005
Long Beach Museum of Art Special Screening

September 9, 2005
Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2005

February 23, 2006
Special Screening at the Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach, CA